Social network another addiction

Is there any topic, interest, chat about addiction to social networks and it’s harm? My streak is almost 150 days of PMO. And I discovered another addiction, the Face and Insta. And I need of help, some information or challenges here.

There are probably many social network addicts here too who deny it. If you are one of these just read the excerpt below:

"Right when I wake up: when I open my social networks, and procrastinate all morning activities. This negative habit always left me dejected, sulky and late - no matter how early I woke up.
Before dinner: a long time ago, in a smartphone-free era, it was common to get together with your family for dinner.
Before going to sleep: in addition to missing an excellent reading opportunity, I also missed the opportunity to sleep well. "


"These situations happened in a quick routine, which lasted a maximum of 5 minutes.
Trigger: notification of new message, like or comment.
Repeat: check for new notifications.
Reward: the pleasant feeling of being “participating in the world”.
This was repeated, on average, every half hour.
At first, this seems little.
But when combined, these brief moments represented at least two hours of my day. "

Do you experience this problem? If so, we need to come together to fight this damn addiction.


Hahahahahahaha , many times but let me share with you what I did against this I manage to not showing notifications from what’s app or Facebook ( when I go facebook I google for it because I reliaze that the app his interface is create very easy so I decided to not choose this easiest way )
But now i don’t know my usage is became much more on rewire :hear_no_evil::smiley: this is my new addiction :hear_no_evil:
I downloaded an app. to controle my usage but I am not comfort about my usage also …
So if you have an ideal solution please share it .