Social Media Storm 📱

it’s time we fight back!

I’m tired of seeing the NoFap movement on decline. We need to help it flourish once again

I’m wanting everyone to start a social media page specifically proclaiming NoFap. This could be anywhere (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc).

The steps

  1. Create a page with a catchy name and post it here.
  2. Make a post, I don’t care if it’s motivational, deep, or spreading your beliefs, just put something.
  3. SUPPORT!! Go to others accounts and follow them and like and support them, this will get the algorithm to send it to others.

I want this page to be the reason NoFap spreads to people that aren’t familiar with it.

It could help you too!!

If you’re like me, having the mission of ending addiction for others is a helper for my own battle. It will keep you focused and draw you away from it.

Let’s start this!


I have created mine, go follow nofapkings on tiktok

Post yours here and I will for sure go check it out!!!

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