So what is it that drives you?

What is it that drives you to try to change and to take up this challenge? I think that it would be beneficial to many to share why we want to change, and hopefully in the process give each other some courage to stay on the path, especially when we fall down. I’ll start.

I spent years justifying my PMO, looking at it as not really hurting anyone. It was always in the back of my mind that I was in fact harming myself. I finally realized that God didn’t want me to do this for a reason, and maybe instead of hoping to morph Him to what I wanted, maybe I should morph myself to what He wants. But it’s something that goes beyond religion. I’m doing this because I finally want to have the self esteem and courage to give myself a gift, and free myself from this habit.

Hope that my reasons why mean something. Sorry if you’re not religious, not looking to offend with that part.

Please share your reasons if you’d like. I’d enjoy hearing about you.


What drives me to change is Rahmat Allah SWT.
I think you need to check this book below. It Will boost your Drive because it will destroy the brain washing.

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Huh, very interesting. I’ll look into this.


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