So dumb of to think this way

So dumb of me to go back to day 0
My longest streak in this app is 104
Im just sorry

I wasn’t able to read here daily for motivation because i got some internet problems this week. I was a fool to let myself be derailed.

I was having personal problems and i had a fight with my dad this week. I have experienced failure and too much sadness. It was so dumb of me to think that relapse would lessen the pain.

Right now i feel more sad


I can relate man. It’s tough if you are having a few rough days and no way to cope with it.

Maybe you can find another way next time! Don’t think of this one failure, think of the 104 successes you had before that! Be proud of yourself. And then, with a positive mindset, figure out what to do next time you are in a similar Situation :slight_smile:

Maybe you have someone you can talk to IRL (not even about PMO, just about your bad mood) or you can find a way to come down like talking walks, getting away from the circumstances that make a relapse more likely :slight_smile:

Wish you all the best!


It’s all right brother.
Just stay strong ok?
We still fight. We fight till we can stand, we struggle till we can breathe.
A relapse isn’t the end of the world. So stand your ground soldier. We can do this, you can do this!!


Get back up, dust off and go into battle with fists clenched.


Thankyou. I just hope i can find someone soon to talk with. I just lost my best friend. I still have friends but not the same way as my bestfriend. I am very secretuve and shy person specially in feelings. But yes, i will try to open up more. Thanks for being there. I am currently avoiding to binge.

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I won’t be down by this relapse. I started another journey and opened a separate thread for that. Anyway thanks everyone

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Brother Iam with you @Mid3. I too relapsed after my longest streak in my life of 112 days. Then I felt like I lost my soul. I felt like dead. I couldn’t do anything but cry.
Then I relapsed thrice. But now Iam picking myself up. Yes as brother @amadeus said let’s look at what happened in a positive perspective. Think brother, we reached 100 days. Think about it we are much much better that millions who are making excuses daily and giving up dialy.
Think about the improvements you made in these 100 days. They are not all gone. We’ll get back up and fight. We’ll win brother. With the help of strong companions here we can do this. Iam with you. We are together my brother @Mid3


Excuses not required. But self-acceptance would help. I’d say it is not a big deal and will not do any harm to relapse once in a hundred days - it’s not smoking or heroin. It will not immediately rip off all benefits. Sex does not also, so semen loss is not the problem. It was one time sex without Oxytocin for your brain. Won’t kill you as long as you are strong enough NOT to say “I relapsed, now all is lost, I can do it the whole week and it won’t make a difference, I’m a failed person.” - this would be bad. BUT YOU WON’T DO THAT. Just keep going, the day count does not matter that much, but keeping the mindset does. Keep it up!

Don’t worry everyone. Im trying my best not to make the relapse as an excuse to binge or justify to relapse even more.

I decided to keep going because i know that one relapse would not make me lose it all. But of course, im being honest and realistic here, i felt some regret when i relapsed.

I dont know the future holds, but i am certain that i will fight to try and try quit this pmo

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