So desperate....fed up


This week i ve been faping each day after a streak of 13 days , today I faped 3 times i hate my life what can i do :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Hi @sami25, know that you are not the only one who binges after a longer streak.
For me it usually is the same, binging for days at a time before being on track again. Maybe we can figure out together how to stop the binging.
Just think, “what’s done is done” and next time you will do better.
Identify what triggered you to break your streak (being alone - having phone or laptop available during risky times, ex before sleeping or on waking up) and what you can do to put a safeguard against it.

For example, leaving my phone and laptop outside of my bedroom has helped me a lot.
Plus good daily rituals help:
Waking up and arising immediately (preferably at the same time)
Make your bed
Do health exercises (meditation - HIIT - stretching - fitness)
Write daily goals (just 2-3, nothing major necessary)
Take a cold shower (if you can take cold showers, you can do ANYTHING! ;))

In bed, read a book to keep your mind occupied until you are completely sleepy.

If it helps you, here is my code: 41fea1

Best of luck!
You can do it!


Keep on trying. No matter how you feel disgusted and disheartened try giving your best after every relapse. There’s no secret formula or mantra that you will learn and boom suddenly your life is like a harry potter novel. Keep on trying. No matter everybody fails in the beginning. Just like you learned to walk, speak, write, drive a bicycle, play any games-outdoor or indoors, drive a car… the only thing is don’t give up. Try to always give a better shot than the previous one and soon you would be more and more successful in Nofap. God bless you!!


Thanks dad​:blush::blush:


I found relapsing after a streak you like go into overkill then it levels out after about a week. It must be because you’ve brought down the level of dopamine so the dopamine receptors gag for it. That’s what I reckon.
It’s happened to me too.