Smoking weed leads to relapse

So i recently realised that almost all of my relapses come from Weed, because normally i can controll ugres because my brain can say no. But with weed my brain cant say no and urges are uncontrollable. So i stopped smoking Weed.
And im very happy to do


Also it makes you do nothing which is the opposite of Nofap


I’m only on day 2, but I agree about pot leading to a relapse. I don’t smoke often now, but when I did…straight to the porn.


This is exactly what happens to me


How about this…

Smoke weed and use that as your vice. Or stop smoking for as long as you can, and abstain from pmo aswell, and when you think your willpower is strong enough, smoke again.

It never did that for me. I used to smoke to stay away from fapping. That helped honestly.

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I tried but at the end it just kills my willpower, so no weed for me!
I need to find myself a healthier stress-killer :slight_smile:

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Smoking weed is far from unhealthy.

Go the gym
Duolingo on play store
Hike. Get outside. Eliminate time in the house doing nothing. Live your day up until bed time and this will help you abstain for sure.

It’s just not smart to quit 2 addicitons, instead of one. Your withdrawals are going to be off the chain, but anything is possible.