Sleeping way too much


I recently started a new streak and the last 3-4 sleeps have been really deep (which is very unusual for me) and I’ve slept close to 12 hours easily and probably couldve slept longer (which is also very unusual for me. My body usually wakes me up at the 8 hour mark). I can’t sleep 12 hours a day most days obviously so the nights where I’ve had to get up to an alarm have been awful because It feels impossible to “wake up”. It is very annoying and I also have been getting tired very early as well. I’ve skipped the gym the last couple of days because of all of this which I wouldn’t normally do because it’s my favourite activity.
Is this issue related to no PMO?


I have the same when starting new streak. I’m tired and sleepy all the time. In my case it takes about 3 weeks to become normal.


Body is recovering…