Sleeping cycle break

Hi friends,
Currently I am on Day 12. From last 3-4 days my sleep breaks at midnight. I am sleeping at 10:00PM.
I sleep peacefully while sleeping. In some occasions I wake up to pee and on other, I just get some feeling of to be nocturnal emission. So I get up.
Though I drink sufficient amount of water throughout the day, I have stopped drinking water just before sleeping, but I do drink a glass of milk.
Any suggestions to improve the sleep?

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I think you needs a day off from your daily routine.

Relax a little. Give Thanks to your body for all the great work.

Sometimes when meditation increases … the sleep decreases.

A concious person … have a deep sleep… so he requires less sleep to rejevenate himself.

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It’s not like that I feel exhausted. Whenever I wake up I am not sleepy in the early morning.

Yes I experienced that after a session of meditation I feel sleepy. Sometime I sleep in daytime for a nap too.

Maybe you are right my friend.

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