Sleep paralysis and nofap, any link?

For past few weeks since I started nofap, I am having episodes of sleep paralysis. Mostly it happens in the morning or after a nap in afternoon. I feel like my body is immovable. I want to cry for help but couldn’t. I wanna sit up, but can’t. Its like you are dead with your eyes open and also can see everything and feel nothing. It’s horrifying :anguished:. Yesterday evening after a nap I had one. It felt like I was in my home sleeping. When I tried to move, I was stuck. I tried to call my mom(which given that I don’t live at my hostel, she is obviously not there), but I felt somebody is choking my voice. It continued for about 3 min. I was deeply shook. I tried to sleep back, but being aware of the situation, my mind refused to avoid this situation. After 3 min, I suddenly woke up, it felt like I just broke my shakles. I couldn’t remember where I was for a sec, then I realized I was in my hostel room.
Tell me please, is anyone else having the same issue, is it normal, what to do to prevent this(coz I hate it when it happens), please suggest.

Man, that’s horrifying, I hope you’re fine , I don’t think so these are any of the no fap symptoms, I would highly recommend you to meet a physician.

Thanks man for asking, I am fine now. I read about it on the internet and it might sound horrible ,but it isn’t :sweat_smile:. In fact, it is quite normal for people to have an experience with sleep paralysis. I just wanted to know if anyone else felt the same thing after going nofap and is there any link between nofap and sleep paralysis.

Good to hear…:yum:

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Hiya, I used to lucid dream and sleep paralysis(sp) is quite a normal thing. In fact every person goes through sp every night, just that normally we are unconscious at that point. The thing that often causes people to wake up in the middle of sp is a change in serotonin levels. It stands to reason that not fapping changes how your brain produces serotonin, and therefore would make sense that you have been experience more sp than usual… my advice… sp is good man. Realise it’s not scary and in fact the reason your body is paralysed is because you are slipping into a dream. So let your mind drift into dream world and enjoy a crazy lucid dream man… don’t fap in yiur dream though :wink:

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Hey man, thanks for the explanation, now I feel a bit relieved. :slight_smile:

Never had one except for panic attacks bro.