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You are absolutely right brother. We should never disclose our sins even after marriage Islam says to hide the sin and only seek forgiveness from Allah and make a firm decision not to do it again.

But in a situation, where we can get out of this addiction only through someone’s help and advice directly by letting them know about our condition, we have to say.

People misunderstood the concept of disclosing our sins and struggle in the pmo trap and u know…

About using made up name, it’s absolutely fine, like I said we should try our best to not disclose our sins.

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It is the mercy of Allah that you are here. He wants you to be better man.
La Haula wa La Kuwwata Illah Billah


Yeah I get you, I don’t think I’m that addicted to it to spend that much money. But I’m doing fine alhamduillah, just need to get disciplined know your triggers and avoid them


Ma sha Allah, looks like you know quite decent Arabic. I wish I understood Arabic like this in order to better understand Quran.


Ramadan Mubarak ,I respect muslim brothers and kind of attracted towards some traditions and the faith they show. I believe in Allah even though I’m not muslim.:+1::relieved:


MashaAllah Brother, welcome to our community.

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Peace brother.

Maybe a try to read Quran when you’ve got free time.

It holds key to everything in our life.

Let me know and will share in any language you want.


Very nice @slaveofallah basically im a warrior who fights alone in my journey so i might be not eligible for your general discussion no problem Insha Allah after Ramadan i will be cleansed

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Delete this brother, just saying, it is better to remove

Thanks for the Wishes, hope you make it through aswell.

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Yes. You need to maintain your calories (don’t undereat. Make sure to have enough food in suhoor and iftar. Don’t overeat either if you are already eating way too much and getting too fat which causes lethargy and tiredness) and eat healthy foods. Don’t eat foods full of oil fat and lacking nutritional value.

Eat vegetables (beans, spinach, all types etc) , fruits (banana, apple, dates, etc) and make sure to drink minimum 2 litre water per day (8 glass minimum). Avoid sugary foods (coca cola etc)

Make sure to have sources of protein as well like fish egg beef chicken milk lentil bean.

An overall balanced diet with elimination of junk food. Junk food makes you feel like junk. Good food makes you feel good.

If you maintain good diet then your body will get the good energy and you won’t feel wasted. My diet has been very optimal consistently for a long time now. And a huge advantage is that my mind and body almost always feels fresh and energized. And it never feels bad. The lowest it can go is me feeling normal. But I almost always feel good. Then when I engage in productive activities with this good base, I feel great.

Everyday cardio is important as well. If you’re not used to it simply start by walking everyday to promote blood flow to brain muscles joints stomach, digestion, and clarity of mind.
Increase slowly to a level you’re good with. Then maintain for optimal benefit. If you want you can push yourself more but that’s for different types of goals. What I mentioned is good enough to feel good throughout all year not just Ramadan.

Following this I felt good and strong despite recently doing a few weeks of fasting alternative days.

And another huge factor which goes without saying is, Do Not PMO.

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Ok brother

It’s done.

Thanks for your care about our religion, May allah lead us all to the straight path


Allah knew some people won’t understand too much Quran because of their different language, that’s why Allah made Quran closer to our hearts than our minds, feel the tone of each word, all of those words have keys to heaven deep inside them.


Wish you the best, you really work hard.
اهم شيء في الصلاة هو ان تقول كل كلمة من قلبك، عليك ان تفسر آيات الله بدقة في قلبك.
الله اكبر: اي ان الله اكبر من كل شيء
الحمدلله: اي ان كل الحمد لله لأنه مثلا ان التقيت بشخص و ساعدك هذا الشخص في شيء ما، و شكرته، عليك ان تشكر الله و تحمده لإرسال هذا الشخص لمساعدتك.
و كل الكلمات الأخرى حاول تفسيرها في قلبك عندما تقولها، ان لم تفهم معنى احدى الكلمات، ابحث عنها.


اللهم اهدنا الصراط المستقيم جميعا …

@slave_of_allah yes arabic it’s my mother tongue … if you need something you want to know the meaning in quran or in arabic I will try to share of course , anything anything in general …

@Momax اللهم ارزقنا حسن الفهم و التدبير.
هذا بضبط هو ما نحتاج إليه لكي تشعر دائما بالامتنان لله و راحة النفسية
إنها مجاهدة مستمرة الي آخر يوم في حياة كل منا .

Remember …Always share guys … thanks .


Good to know that there is fellow moslem that have same problem…shame of me that the previous ramadhan failed to change this habit.

Hope with this thread we can reach the 30 days free of pmo together and it will become our starting point of taubah to be a better moslem together

اِنَّ اللّٰهَ غَفُوْرٌ رَّحِيْمٌ

innalloha ghofuurur rohiim

Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful


Guys just wanted to add, no one posts about Relapses during this Holy month to Motivate others, let’s keep this thread clean. The thing is when one get’s down, the Whispers gets harder, hope you understand. The best thing we can do is have an individual companion to strategize together. What do you guys say?

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I get it, it’s a good idea

Allahumma baarik lahu

Ma sha allahu lawuwwata illa billah

Sure I will ask when I want to know the meaning about some verse in the future.

The beauty of understanding the Quran while reading as our mother tongue is something else.

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