Sincerity a MUST

Sincerity is very important, we all have done goofups in life, but there comes a time when the true self that’s the subconscious self starts talking to us and we start seeing a ray of hope. What ever work we do we got to be honest and sincere with it, God doesn’t care what you have and what not, he only loves Sincerity and love. Lust only screws up everything, the end result is a weak body, pervert mindset, and later a dreadful death. It’s so good and nice to breathe fresh air, eat fresh fruits :watermelon::grapes::mango::apple::cherries::peach::lemon::pineapple::strawberry::corn: from the bounty of nature and give it back to the nature by planting a tree for generations to eat from it., it definitely is never too late to realise the mistake and learn from it. NOfap is definitely making progress with all the sincere souls who are in search of the true self and wanting to know the hidden secret of practicing silence, love, patience and forgiving and looking at the positive side of life. Overall i would like to say, it’s never too late to start again sincerely a new journey of LIFELONG BRAHMACHARYA, being a celibate is a wonderful experience and a journey towards self realization and transformation and success definitely will be ours. All this needs a sincere effort and each day adds to the success, I wish all the good souls in this journey of nofap to help each other and set and example for the world and for our own self.
I am at day 5 today 17.06.2020 (Wednesday)and I have failed many times, I promise to be sincere to myself and continue this journey of knowing my true self.

God bless :innocent::pray:


Great words man. I felt very positive after reading this. Keep going and keep helping. There is nothing greater than winning together @1manShow.
Btw, you have a cool username.

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Nice epiphanies, this mindset is the true beginning of a journey of an aspirant. I send you empowering blessings :fist:

We millenials have been literally screwed up by the generation before us, thank good some people had the dignity to transfer the knowledge of our ancestors and stood up against the deluded spirits.

Now we found the source of our power. Now we will create a new heaven on earth.



Hey there, thankyou for taking the time to read and am glad you are part of the wonderful journey of nofap.

What day are you at as of today in this practice, do you aspire to follow life long Brahmacharya? :hugs::pray::deciduous_tree:

Thanks Tagore for reading, am sure you will too reach the heights of success.

What day are you at of your nofap? Tell me your goals dude…I wish to motivate you too.

Much love & peace!

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@1manShow Very true,completion of something started is a must

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Well that’s quite a deep thought in itself, what you responded…everything has to end some day, but the way it ends should be worth it. And Brahmacharya is the eternal way of life! I believe

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That’s a good thought to have…Keep going

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