Since grade school

I just wanna drop my experience here so here it goes. I was fapping since I was 8 or 9 years old I guess, and I am 19 years old now so I am doing it for almost 9 or 10 years. It’s been really tough fighting against it. Everytime I’m feeling the urge I feel like I am finally forgetting my problems but it just made it worse. There’s always a consequence of the bad thing you have done. I know addiction is really hard to stop but I won’t give up. There was a time that I tried to punish myself by beating it up coz I masturbated, I feel really guilty. I thought, having a boyfriend will help to stop but still nothing happened. I feel like I lost everything around me even my intelligence. I was once an honor student but now, I am just somewhat excelling. It’s very very hard for me to stop this. I always pray to God, crying to give me strength to fight and win against this temptation and I know that I am stronger than any temptations because I have God. Even though I do still fap, I am trying to stop it with the help of God. Nothing is impossible, we can do all things because God is within us.


I went through a similar patch too… I used to pray during urges, and ask god to give me strength to resist. That always worked. One thing I know is that, God doesn’t let temptation in our life that is more than we can handle. So with his strength, we can definitely beat this.


Ameeeen! <3 sending hugs


Don’t worry , no matter how long your addiction is you can stop from the moment you realize!
Nofap will never be linear, some days you will feel great, some days you might feel like giving up! It’s full of ups and downs ! The main thing is you have to surf through these and become a better person!

I wish you all the best!
Welcome to this wonderful community, I’m sure you will have a great time here.



I’m also in the exact same situation

I used to watch semi nude content from the age of 10 and used to do dry orgasms
Then at age of 13 I started to watch porn and did actual ejaculatory orgasms

I am extremely frustrated since I’m 18 now and still I haven’t joined a bachelor’s course yet due to this habit

Didn’t studied in high school , my grades are flushed into the toilet :sob: , I used to be the topper guy but Now I’m completely lost

This habit is just destructing me from Inside

Bro I just wanna tell you that no matter how much you’re addicted , just remember 1 thing :-
Many people have overcame this addiction with 20/25+ years of addiction
If they can do it just by being homo sapiens then we can too bro
Remember there is Always hope there :sob::pleading_face::pleading_face::muscle:


Don’t lose hope buddy u can and u will, just. Try to think about your future,and stay chill and don’t not think about that you are on nofap otherwise all good,if you need any kind of help I’m there for you, feel free to msg me.
stay strong :brain::zap:
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Don’t go gentle into that good night, rage rage against the dying of the light.

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Thank you so much for the warmth welcome! <3 I was really looking for this kind of community where we fight this addiction together.


Aww. We’re gonna get through this, I believe. God will help you, buddy. In Jesus name.

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Thank youuuu! U one of the best! <3


Welcome to the community!

Good to hear that you’ve realised this and glad you’ve decided to confront this addiction. There is nothing that can defeat us when we have Christ.

Phil 4:13 you know the deal-

Feel free to DM me if anything,


Yepp I will help myself too

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@Maria I am happy to hear this from you , thanks for having the strength and sharing this bravely …
Yes , you have to know that it’s ok we did the mistake but impossibles it’s just a lie from our brains …
I am so attached because I see that you start correctly , god who will give you all , be sure that he loves you and we who make the mistake for ourselves and thabk god that he show us the road because we are really want a real help , he of course show us the light by enjoying this community but we have to resist and hard work because new habbit can’t build easily …
Like we spend too much time in the wrong way we have to pay and hard work to come back for the right …
If we really want it :muscle::fire:
So keep moving forward , enough looking back …
Keep learning always and live with limit for everything


Yeah I hear you guys.
Guess I’ll join in & share a bit of my story.
Started when I was 13. Am 26 now… God I lost so much. Used porn as a crutch to get through school, didn’t help that I also had a bunch of negative mindsets & bullying reinforcing my use. One aforementioned mindset being that nobody would ever like me romantically so why not use porn. Another being that it was better than accidentally getting anyone pregnant before I was ready. Well guess I succeeded in preventing that… In the worst way possible. You know I thought I was learning how to have sex by using it! Lol! What an idiot I was!
Anyway, that’s just the tiniest bit of my story & so glad to find you guys. Hope this helps… Both myself & anyone else out there.


So, how is it going, sis :slight_smile: ?

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No Dari, I don’t have a sister. Do you? As for how it’s going, ok I guess; better for being on here among fellow abstainers.

Oh, my, I had in mind @Maria! Sorrrrry! But good to hear you’re better!

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Oh! My bad Dari, apologies for the mix up lol! And I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m better! Far far from it. But yes community definitely helps & thank you so much for your goodwill.

Is it getting worse?!:scream:

After a fashion Dari. Relapsed just before signing up on this site due to a fight with my dad. If you read my first post then you know that this addiction has been with me for 13 years. Recently made big changes to fight this on my own, but my veiwing sexual material still isnt entirely gone. And what control I do have is tenious. Particularly now that I’m in the middle of finally getting my licence & have a potential source of stress to deal with. That fight I mentioned was due to dad not understanding why despite a good driving lesson I wasn’t pleased, but miserable instead. To sum it up, it’s because that once I get my licence I would’ve finally been able to start working on sex & dating. But now I can’t due to needing to commit to getting my sexual function back through this from various issues porn caused. On top of the misery was & still is desperation due to feeling rushed & useless by being 26, unemployed, still living with my parents & still a virgin. Thus causing the fight. Generally conscious that life is going by, & yet got more groundwork to do on what should already be achieved. Not to mention the fact that I keep dwelling on people I lost to this. Haven’t even gone on a date. Not once during school due to the mindsets I mentioned in the first post.

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