Side effects of watching p*rn 🥺

If someone is watching p*rn without fapping,is it ok ?

Noooooooooo, fapping without porn might be ok in some cases but porn is not good at all, the extranormal stimulus it provides with constant rush of dopamine leads to desensitization of our dopamine receptors and we don’t experience that feeling of happiness from the normal things we are supposed to do, so you will keep looking for that flood of dopamine which only porn can provide you and you will become uninterested in anything other than that, porn is a disease that is eating up more than half the population of the world.


I think u have asked this question many times & u got your answer still you’re asking the same question repeatedly IDK whether you’re trolling or genuinely asking this.

I think you’re seeking justification here for your actions like you’re watching porn all day & expecting us to say it’s okay to watch porn.


I was about to say the same…


Nope, I haven’t watched porn in my 11 days streak, I was just wondering the effect of p#rn on mind without fapping. I was recently reading about the internet pornography by Gary Wilson and was wondering what damage it had done to my brain when I used to watch it without fapping


Your Brain on Porn Book (2nd edition) – Your Brain On Porn – I wish I had came across it much earlier

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It’s like putting a bottle of alcohol in front a person that has alcohol addiction. Why increase the temptation unnecessary? Instead try to keep yourself busy with stiff you find meaningful and give you satisfaction on the long-term.


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