Shoutout To Your Relapsed Companions


The aim of this thread is to give a shoutout to those who relapsed on our companion list. A true companion accompanies. If enough of us watched each others’ backs and called each other out if we stumbled, not to shame us but so that we don’t lose sight of what’s important: this is camaraderie, this is a true companion.


I’ll go first… my companions, those of you with less than 1 day streaks. Lay it out, why did you relapse:


Btw @AnkitK this is why I requested message board mentions, since majority usernames don’t crossover into forums, so can’t mention as you see

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Those who do not use forum are fools. They are missing something great.

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These people relapsed yesterday:

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Hi can any1 add me in this grp?


My code is dq85fr add me in this grp



What happened bros?

Oh well… more inactive mentions. They either don’t use forums or have different usernames compared to profile name


I relapsed cause I’m fucking weak :sweat: .Other explanations would be futile .

Btw, I appreciate your approach, man . Keep watching over us.

And don’t you relapse man. I will be tailing your streak from this day forth.

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Try not crushing yourself man, you’re not alone, try listening to yourself instead - who else knows you more than you yourself?

The impulse to reprimand, shame, guilt ourselves perpetuates the cycle of pmo… break the chain. And be more active and share bro, would love to hear more from you @hsabbir74

I’ll keep rising… the battles are important for sure but I have an army of companions, we’re in it to win the long war!



What happened man?

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These people relapsed… why did you relapse man…??

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@ryan123 relapsed…

Hey man. What happened…?? Let us know why did you relapse…

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Sorry guys , i relapsed that time , i am starting again , if i fail this time , remove me as your companion

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@Nicola90 , what happen ???


@Aoshigreen looks like were starting together again…
How are you?

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@HeracliusD Thanks for being a good companion. I’m alright! How you doing?


I’m ok, but man I felt like crap after that relapse!


Hi guys, add me…
I am on 89th day


@HeracliusD yep me too, it was a real tumble for me



What happened man?