Should YouTube Be Avoided?

I been debating if I should even let this slide… Because at times I can handle YouTube and it won’t be a problem at all but other times my relaspes came because of YouTube.? WILL YOUTUBE SLOW DOWN OR STOP MY BENEFITS?

As someone who has been a heavy user of YouTube in recent times, I can answer thus:

  1. Certainly watch YouTube in safe mode at all times. Do not allow explicit or adult oriented videos from the settings.
  2. If you have specific interests that you follow on YouTube, such as channels from your field of interest or expertise, that’s not a bad thing. It can be a healthy and positive way of spending leisure time that can help you from sliding into watching porn.
  3. Other than that, however, it’s best not to spend too much time on YouTube. Not only there’s a chance you will slip into sexually themes videos from your suggestions, but it will keep you from spending your time on developing productive outlets for your time and energy, which is the whole point of NoFap.

Given that you yourself describe watching YouTube as being a trigger for you, it seems pretty obvious to me that you in particular should avoid it at present.


Only rubbish content that make u relapse


i can understand you. i often fall into the trap of bingewatching on youtube. the longer i watch crap the more i get triggered.

but there is also good stuff like ted talks or education videos in general


Watching YouTube is fine until you use it for informative purposes. If you can’t control yourself, then try installing a chrome extension which blocks websites. I am also a YouTube addict. I don’t watch porn or explicit videos, but rather standup comedies, skits, cop videos etc waaaay too much, which is also bad. I noticed after I stopped pmo, this became my new addiction. So I installed the extension. Now, I try to utilize my time more responsibly.
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Youtube is very educational website in fact it’s one of if not the best you need to stop watching videos that would trigger and watch more educational videos, spiritual videos, creative type of videos, DIY, self improvement videos, martial arts type of videos etc everything is algorithm this days meaning if you like a certain type of videos that’s what you will always be recommended by it soo be mindful about what you watch.


Use YouTube in presence of you family members only with them always then it’s fantastic

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Bro you cannot do everything with your family standing above your head. One have to learn how to gain self control.


I get what your saying becauseits less tempting

I understand self control is powerful