Should I watch Dragon Ball. I need advice

Hey guys. I always get motivated looking at everyone’s posts. Hence, I decided that I’ll be watching an episode of Dragon ball from beginning as a reward after I study for a while. Unfortunately, my brain is getting triggered due to the perverted stuff on the show. I don’t think the show is so perverted after a few initial seasons. Hence, can someone suggest if I should skip the few initial seasons or should I stop watching it.

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Bro I just binge watched the entire Dragon Ball series that shows adventures of Son Goku as a child and I tell you that it’s highly triggering. Especially the character on which you’ve put your username. Just stay away from it, you’ll get high urges if you accidentally watch any of the perverted scenes.
You can watch Dragon Ball Z if you really want too.
But Dragon Ball is strictly ill-advised if you’re on no fap.

I can’t answer this question but one thing I resently saw (it was a Youtube video but I can’t find it anymore) was that we reward ourselfs wrong. (it was a video on why we keep playing games but can’t keep studying)
We always reward us in a way which interferes with the progress. If we studied we watch TV, if we kept to a diet we eat cake. Games do the opposit. They give you a new sword to kill enemies easier which makes more fun.
So, our reward for running everyday could be a pair of new running shoes after a month. Or for studying it could be something that actually helps you to study more efficient.
So, I would try not to use TV as a reward but do something else. Eat something nice. Do something relaxing …


Watch DragonBall Z. Don’t watch DragonBall.

Yeah bro. I totally agree with you.

Thanks bro. I’ll definitely consider your advice.

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@neveragaintw Thanks for replying. Please suggest how should I reward myself after studying for a while.

After you’ve studied, remember to go outside and get some fresh air. Take a walk in the park.

Thanks for your advice. But, it is heavily snowing in the place I currently live. Can you please suggest something else

Watch My Hero Academia. I would tell you to watch anime, but most anime today have perverted scenes and characters. I like anime but I’m extremely picky with what I watch.

Honestly, after long hours of study, I would find a hobby. Like me, I love researching Interesting, deep and thought provoking topics like history and science, normally topics not taught in school. Looking at documentaries on different countries, cultures and peoples. Watching interviews of peoples personal experiences in life. I also love nature documentaries. So… basically I’m a researcher. That’s my hobby. It keeps my mind stimulated. I love gaining a insight on the world :earth_americas:. I plan on traveling throughout the USA :us: very soon.

Find something that’s going to stimulate your mind. Everyone is different. Find your hobby.


Yo my hero academia can be highly triggering man. There’s a lot of hit anime chicks in it. Plus their costumes are mostly half naked. Hot+half naked= not good…plus, if you consider master roshi as a pervert, then minata is an ultra pervert! My hero academia may not be the best suggestion according to me. Watch Attack on Titan or Hunter X Hunter, they are too dark to be triggering!

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You’re Right. I agree.

@Masterroshi don’t watch My Hero Academia

I love so much Dragon Ball…

But the truth is that Real Men with big balls who fuck very beautiful women in real life and have huge level of success in business and/or career… Don’t watch these stupid mangas!

Manga is for children and teenagers. Not for responsable and powerful men.

Yes, I know that manga promote courage, some kind of spirituality, values like honesty and bravery… But NO! It’s for weak men.

Watching manga is trying to live a meaningful life by procuration. And living by procuration is for losers.

Grieve if you really want to change.


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@FlowForCourage Thanks for replying dude. Please suggest something that I can use as a reward after studying for a while. Btw, I can’t go out for a walk as it’s heavily snowing.

For me : YouTube → Business/Self Improvement/Spirituality videos are my rewards.

As a reward you can read books, any of your favourite book. Or practice dance, music, any instrument of your choice. These things will give long-term gain whereas watching any digital stuff will only give short-term gain.
I only use YouTube to listen songs, guitar lessons and watch minecraft.

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Wait until something of this sort doesn’t feel like a trigger anymore. This will come with discipline over time. With time it might not feel like a trigger anymore. The second it does trigger you, remain objective and document your trigger. You got this bro :muscle: