Should I start from day zero based on this?

Today I woke up really really horny. It was so weird. After showering I put Vaseline on my penis and rubbed it till it got hard. I did not orgasm nor precum at all. I also humped my mattress earlier. I am on a 20 day streak. I still feel very horny. Should I reset my counter based on my actions?

Not yet :joy:


I would say yes…its the M without the O.


IMO it depends on why exactly you do NoFap, and if you do NoFap or NoPorn.
What is it you wanna stop, and why? Watching porn and being influenced by it? Masturbating in general? Sexual activity in general?
To some, even seeing a Sexual ad and fantasising is considered a relapse, for others Masturbating to your own thoughts is considered perfectly fine


I would not recommend resetting your streak, given the fact that you didn’t watched P, it’s just the Times get so hard that you wanted to give up, but you didn’t gave up this time. Its that you did not surrender. These tiny small gestures of not surrendering creates greater impact. So now you’re on day 20, if you resetting, your mind would just trick you to just relapse as you already reset the streak, and you’ll end up relapsing several times in a day, by your mind tricking you the final’th time…and then it would be so fucking hard to past even day 3. So don’t reset. Now you’re at day 20, make it to 30.

Day : 238
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I think is up to you.
You should consider what are your goals.

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What was your intention of putting of Vaseline on your dingalong and rubbing it till it get hard? Dude, you wanna get free from these behaviors, yet you keep bringing back old routine. It’s not like it was a mistake. You were concious and accepted your wrong doings.

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You are right I really did mess up this time

Wow I wish I read this before!! I reset my streak and exactly as you said I relapsed hard. Like several times in one day. I feel so terrible as my self confidence and self esteem was back in full force after a ,20 day streak. I feel so awful. What do I do? I have some dates this weekend but now I fear I won’t time off that alpha energy.

The alpha was always inside you, it’s just the P , which hide it. Believe in yourself , keep reminding your mind that you did a complete 20 days, so passing a mere 7 days without PMO is no big deal. Trick your goddamn brain. Comment again here after 7 days of nofap.

For how you’re gonna do it, is pretty basic stuff, keep yourself busy, busy & busy at least the first 3 days , beat the urges by working out, cold showers, meditation, long walks or anything that shifts you focus from P to something else. Just build up a new habit.