Should I start an diet while I am on no fap?

I have been working out lately and this week started and diet no carbohydrate, today was terrible for both the diet and nofap.
I would like to know what do you think
Should I start an diet while I am on no fap?
Sorry fory English


Hey man.

I strongly recommend trying to improve other areas of your life during the process of NoFap.

You see, NoFap is about not doing something. That’s a good start.

However, we must try to focus on the positive too. If we only focus on the negative, we move towards the negative. If we focus on the positive, like you are trying to improve your diet, we get to know ourselves better and improve overall too. NoFap becomes easier when overall improvement is happening at the same time.

I would suggest looking at the diet from a more positive point of view though. Instead of thinking what you do not want to eat, focus on what you do want to eat. Implement small steps towards a healthy diet.

I hope this helps.

Take care.


Of what diet you speak? One of the mind, what you read and do. Or of your content control, what you do and watch? Perhaps dont allow in life, like porn or persons of a negative nature.

Semen Retention is a process of removing things that don’t work and improving what does work. To my recollection there is no short cut that works effectively. Other then a pure will and desire to become a good man.