Should I restart?

Last night I gave in.
I didn’t watch porn on my phone nor computer but used my imagination, didn’t make up an event in fact it was an actual event that happened. I didn’t add anything that didn’t happen while I was imagining this. Should I restart? Typically I would but considering it wasn’t a screen and I didn’t add anything freaky to the thought. Any inputs…


What is your goal? If you just want to get away from the porn, this wouldn’t be for me a reason to reset the timer. But when you do no pmo, that would be a reset. However, you have to be careful with such thoughts, they give the brain food for more. That is my opinion.


My main goal would be to complete stopping watching porn and Masterbating.
Not sure if I’m doing a fool’s errand but my plan would be stop watching porn once I get incontol of that stop Masterbating. Split it up into 2 steps. Instead of going all or nothing. Is this a fool’s taks…

I do agree dirty thought are also food for the mind.

Side question do you think stopping watching porn will cure ED or I need to also stop Masterbating?

Everyone needs his own tactic. Look, if you can be successful with your way.

Dude… I gotta be honest with you. You’re kinda looking for excuses here, you clearly failed and it’s okay, don’t try to make up excuses, you did masturbate, it doesn’t matter if you were watching porn or using your imagination, masturbation is masturbation, period. Just restart and try not doing again, if you fail again, restart it all over again. Just don’t lie to yourself because that’s a shortcut to fail in life! :smiley:


Maybe your right… The reason I said it, it was because I was told watching porn is what ruins the mind, because you get addicted to the screen. Figure thinking about a moment that actually happened was different. Or maybe I’m just making up an excuse.

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its not a relapse … just keep going … those shits in mind by pmo will be remove with time …

Yes, anyways just keep going, failing is part of the process

I fall today… Today I got depressed and lonely. :confused: Back to 0

@Thatguy531 You have to understand this, masturbating will not help you to run away from lonely or depression. It will instead add up to it. Tell me you are feeling better…are you??

You should face the depression, try to share and express your feelings to people around you. I am sure you will feel great. Please don’t make it an excuse to fap. It will only you deepen your wound.

@Thatguy531 It will best to isolate PMO and depression. And both are problems that need to be worked upon equally. Involving PMO with depression only creates problem down the road.
I wish you the best.