Should I reset my streak? Warning..trigger content

So today, I was looking up pictures of my apartment on google and i was immediately redirected to this site that had a picture of two women kissing…very triggering for me…but these were mainly compiled of sexy pictures of women on instagram.if you reloaded the site a batch of fresh new pictures would come…then for the next hour or so I would be refreshing the page…i got hooked and looked up some of the women on instagram…some of them were wearing clothing that literally left them almost completely nude with just a thin piece of cloth or water hiding them from being nude…some had full on bare ass pictures…i kept looking at them…but I did not touch myself of Fap AT ALL…i am still extremely triggered and horny…should i reset my streak? i am at day 20…i did not FAP at all


I would suggest to not count that as a relapse unless you are doing monk mode. But you are playing with fire lol. My advice to you is delete social media. I’ve deleted all social media including YouTube because it was triggering me more than helping me. But do not beat yourself up for this because you can not travel back in time to prevent it. Keep your head up and keep moving forward, brother.


Thank you so much I am just going to do some push ups and take a shower…this is such a crazy world…

Try and take a cold shower :wink: that usually works wonder for me

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can i ask you one more question… i did google search women on women kissing after I got weak but once the google search results came up I read what came up but I did NOT ANY of the links…at all…I just read the search results… I am still good with my streak right?..sorry for the paranoia…

Yes your streak is still intact. There is no fap easy mode and hard mode. Easy mode is that it’s ok to have sex with another girl, but not okay to watch porn or masturbate. Hard mode is abstaining from sex, porn, and masturbation. Pick one of these and try and stick with one or the other and set small goals to achieve victory

Thank you very much I appreciate this very much.

Don’t ever give up man, god bless!