Should I reset my streak for mistake?

So I typed the word kiss on YouTube and a picture of two women kissing came up … I looked away but looked at it again then I clicked away again. It was massive trigger. I did not touch myself or anything. Should I reset my streak? I am on day 16 I just want to make sure I did not mess up my brain from viewing this image or my progress as it is a big trigger for me.


Hey Caprica

Don’t confuse things about the counter.
The counter is no magical thing, that will cure you if it reaches a certain number. It is just a counter. It tracks how good you can apply your rules. How often you can follow them and how often not. And that’s it.

Also, people tend to have this negative black or white thinking. Something is either good for you or bad. Something is a relapse or not. But that’s not how it works.
It is a continuous spectrum. I would say, going out and socializing is a 10. It is really good for curing our addiction. Watching hardcore porn for hours is a 0. It really messes up our progress. But in between, there is stuff like playing computer games. Probably a 6? It doesn’t really help your progress but neither messes it up too much. There is watching hot pics probably a 4? It does have a negative influence but still it is not as bad as a 0. Our goal should be to shift our everyday activities as much as possible to the top.

Where did you set the border? I personally would say that I had the strength to resist. Which is an important part of the process. We also need to learn to say no. I think if it happens once, I would just continue. If I did it twice, I would feel like I betray myself if I keep my counter


So should I reset or no? It happened once the incident but I did peep at the image a second time for about 3 seconds. Then quickly exited. May I also add that the image was non nude. I’m probably over thinking it.

Chill man… No need to reset the counter.
Take it as a lesson for today. Move on.
If this happens again, then the situation will be a serious one.


No you don’t need to reset it, you yourself said it wasn’t nude.
But don’t think about what you saw or it will bite you next time or while you sleeping.
You should move on with your journy.
I don’t want to give you any ideas…
but Seeing a men and women kissing, let’s say in a movie scene, will not harm you (and not any further).
Just keep yourself AWAY from PMO.
It’s a fulse pleasure full with guilt and failure.
Don’t stare at that abyss or it will stare back at you.

I agree with Boomerang.

Its edging basicaly. You lost yourself to temptations but if you can take a lesson from it and work your way back to your life…

I mean if you go further … it only leads to Masturbation … and then… boom … you orgasm … and Back to Zero.

You want to be a Hero Or Zero ?
That is the real Question.