Should I relapse?

Hi guys! I really love your community, though I am here for only 40 days. So, let’s jump to the problem. I didn’t have problems with pmo, I mean, not psychological. I could fap on both real porn and hentai, but I prefered hentai mostly, so I thought, that may cause a problem in the future. I thought that I won’t be able to like real women. That’s why I decided to try no fap. I wanna mention that I didn’t have any problems neither with social interactions (I am pretty extraverted) nor my studies at the university, so I didn’t notice any benefits in this fields. When I started no fap I didn’t have bad feelings like “Oh gosh, I wanna fap” or something. I just stopped and that’s all. Since then I didn’t relapsed for forty days now without any problems or distractions (urges) . Although, I did read some ecchi sometimes, so I can’t say that did no pmo, only no fap. I am twenty now and I’ve been fapping for 8 years (idk, can it be considered as a huge experience). Okay, I’m talking too much, sorry :smile: The problem is that today I woke up with pain in my… Male organs. It was a bad feeling to pee. Ofc, I am gonna visit doctor after my exams, but should I try to relapse? I mean, I am pretty young and maybe my organism really needs that?
Update : I didn’t have wet dreams (erotical, but without wet panties)
P.S. Sorry for my bad English, its my 3rd language

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That’s blue balls. There’s nothing to worry about. Search the forum with “Blue balls” you would found so many results. Why would you even consider relapsing?

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kindly remove this part

coming to the question if you have edged then it probably be blue balls

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If you’re not addicted to the dopamine rush then fapping is a healthy thing to do once in a while, when you naturally feel you should do. If you feel you’re addicted though I recommend sticking to no fap to heal your dopamine receptors.

However I strongly advise you to stay away from pr0n (any kind, honestly) since can cause you neurochemical disbalances in the long run, causing you to be addicted.

Yes you should relapse…once you edge it is considered as relapse. Beqcuse you got ur dopamine dosage

@rohankians dude what are you talking about. There is no point of relapse. It appears he’s doing really well in nofap and all of the sudden a dumb thought comes up to his mind so he’s asking expert opinion. There is no need to relapse in any situation.


Lol, I know it buddyy…I wanted to see his reaction…

And moreover if it is blue balls and pain continues more than 6 hrs immediate relif would be relapse…

I don’t think the solution of blue balls is relapsing. If it is blue balls it would go away after a while. But if it doesn’t, then it’s better to visit the doctor