Sheshhh relapse? 300?

Hit 300 then boom i relapse because i promise myself that i would try edging (with O) at 300 hahahaha and yeah my idiot ass watch porn too even its just 1-2 mnt so i relapsed hard

hehhhh but still i dont know why i dint feel any regret, brain fog or whatever happen to me like my past relapsed (im just talking to myself not asking u to relapse too)

So yeah here we go again (without timing)

my relapse be like (not quite sure) :

sorry for some experiment stuff guys hehe now lets go to the top!!!

*dont be like me lol

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act i dont think that i can achieve that β€œ300” so yeah its fuck me up at the end, so guys always have trust in urself

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Be careful bro.

Because after a long streak your first relapse won’t give you much regret or even any effects of PMO, and that will trick you into binging and relapsing even more until you are really back to 0.

You have rewired much and not lost all the benefits, now add on to that.


aite bro thanks for advice i will stop this asap :relaxed:

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