Sherlock's Diary (Self-Exploration)

It’s been 8 years of me addicted to porn.
Ever since I feel like I lost my true self.
Enough of this pmo taking control over my life.
If I hadn’t discovered porn back then, my life would’ve gone in a different direction.
But what’s gone is gone, no time for regret…
The time that I can only change is NOW which will change the future…
So if I leave pmo today, I will be one day closer to enlightment and purify my soul…
It’s now or never…

This is my first diary. I’ll be posting the benefits I got, the strategies I’m applying, how I’m travelling in this journey of never PMOing again.

The journey begins now…:clap::clapper:


@Sherlock221B78, best of luck buddy.
I saw your progress these last few days, you got passed 2 weeks before and thats awsome!!
Glad that you started a diary, continue without holding back!! I wish you a life pure from PMO.


@Surbatingsi Thanks man, good luck to you too.
Let’s never relapse again… :muscle:we are strong

That’s cool.

All the best brother .




These urges are so funny. Dancing around in my mind to divert my attention so that I fall into the same shi*ty trap again. But I’m not giving a damn to any of them and are fading away by itself after sometime.
It’s Day-16, I gave into these urges last time but not this time. I’m in control of myself.
The Key🔑 is Self-Consciousness.
Don't need to act to the negative thoughts. They'll die of hunger on their own.:man_in_lotus_position:


When do you think is the most hardest to resist an urge?

  • At Day 0
  • During Flatline
  • Always Hard
  • Never Hard

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Square one…starting strong :muscle: