Sherlock's Diary (Self-Exploration)

It’s been 8 years of me addicted to porn.
Ever since I feel like I lost my true self.
Enough of this pmo taking control over my life.
If I hadn’t discovered porn back then, my life would’ve gone in a different direction.
But what’s gone is gone, no time for regret…
The time that I can only change is NOW which will change the future…
So if I leave pmo today, I will be one day closer to enlightment and purify my soul…
It’s now or never…

This is my first diary. I’ll be posting the benefits I got, the strategies I’m applying, how I’m travelling in this journey of never PMOing again.

The journey begins now…:clap::clapper:


@Sherlock221B78, best of luck buddy.
I saw your progress these last few days, you got passed 2 weeks before and thats awsome!!
Glad that you started a diary, continue without holding back!! I wish you a life pure from PMO.


@Binocular Thanks man, good luck to you too.
Let’s never relapse again… :muscle:we are strong

That’s cool.

All the best brother .




These urges are so funny. Dancing around in my mind to divert my attention so that I fall into the same shi*ty trap again. But I’m not giving a damn to any of them and are fading away by itself after sometime.
It’s Day-16, I gave into these urges last time but not this time. I’m in control of myself.
The Key🔑 is Self-Consciousness.
Don't need to act to the negative thoughts. They'll die of hunger on their own.:man_in_lotus_position:


When do you think is the most hardest to resist an urge?

  • At Day 0
  • During Flatline
  • Always Hard
  • Never Hard

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Square one…starting strong :muscle:


I’ve been inactive to this diary lately. It’s October 6th and I relapsed after 24 days of good streak. The only reason I relapsed is that I let my thoughts get control over me. After urges rise, I start feeding them, thinking of it to be just for some moment (by just browsing pictures and clips on youtube or google which will eventually lead me to the hub)…that’s the real mistake which I’ve been committing for multiple past relapses this year. I’m really done with living like this…whenever I feel like I’m starting to get some benefits, I relapse and I’m soon back at the starting square.
I’ll now be trying to be free from porn for at least 150 days upto 5th March, 2023. This time, I’m inspired from the legend Salil Jamdar on YouTube.
Today is day-0, everyone having high streaks have gotten past this day. So will I…
150 days #NoPornChallenge #Pornkimaaka

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Day #3 (of 150)
I got wet dreams. :grimacing:This is the first time I’ve got them so early.:expressionless: It’s just the third day. Mind was just starting to clear up​:relieved: and blaaabbmm​:sweat_drops:, it hit me. Feels kinda like a 50% relapse.:weary:

I wonder if there was a way to stop wet dreams forever.:thinking: It might hamper my progress as it also releases some amount of energy​:dizzy_face:, just like a relapse would. Other than that progress is going perfectly fine.:man_in_lotus_position: