Sharing codes and following

Hi all,
I think I might be confused about sharing codes and following friends. I think I might be missing something.

I’ve shared my code on the message board and have followers and am following others. I’ve also shared my code on forums. But I’m not sure if this sharing and following is doing anything? I think I can see what everyone posts whether we are following each other or not. Am I supposed to be getting notifications when people I am following post something?

Also, it seems like I can directly message anyone regardless of whether I am following them or not…

So what is the function of sharing and following? Am I missing something?



You are a intelligent person. :blush:
I agree with you…

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@Awakening Thanks, I think. My post is not a criticism; I wrote it because I am actually confused!

Can anyone answer if I am missing something with sharing and following? What are their function?

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How can you message other users? I dont know how to do It…

It’s the only way to see the persons streak, also the person will appear in your my companions section.

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So those are the only differences when you “follow” someone? Huh…

When you friend someone on facebook, for example, you can choose to follow them and then you see all their updates, and you can communicate directly with their updates.

On Rewire, as I understand it, we can all see each other’s messages on the message board regardless if we are “following” them or not. And we cannot interact directly with them unless we go to our profile section under forums.

To me, this is misleading because when I started following people, I thought we were really going to be able to interact, be buddies, encourage each other directly, etc. I realize we can do that through the forum and direct messaging, but it just adds extra steps and I don’t interact with the people I follow and who follow me bc they don’t seem to use the forums! It’s just kind of frustrating.

Anyway, thank you for your answer.