Sharing advice between us

So, I’m a woman, 27 and thought it would be good to share some advice on what to do, so this is me telling you about what have worked for me in periods of time.

I am not ready to come clean to friends and family about my struggle. BUT, something I have realised is;

  1. I fall in the afternoon
  2. Only when I have access to my phone, aka chrome

So, even though I am not ready to let others know, I can still get help by them. I chose to lock my trickering apps, gave the code to a friend, therefore blocking my access. I have no interest in using my computer, for me, it’s about watching porn, but in a way, where I can hide myself.
So this should help. I am not strong enough alone, and it’s alright. I found a friend, who doesn’t know everything, but is slow to answer, so getting the code, is not easy.
My biggest problem, is sometimes I remember the code, and misuse it, so is essential to make it random, maybe change it 5 times, over a short period, to confuse yourself :roll_eyes: I myself, today wrote it on my hand, and washed it away as soon as I gave it to my friend.
Sorry, became a bit of a ramble, hope it might help some of you guys in here!

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