Share your feelings and do a confession👍

Hello my dear friends :wave:
I have created this post for those people who want to confess about their mistakes , want to share their feelings and also want to share their experiences here…

We will listen to each other’s story , confession , mistakes and will help them to get out of this dirty addiction…

So i hope that you will share your feelings , mistakes and help eachother to get rid of this addiction :blush:


today is my 18th day. I feel stronger, more determined, more active than ever. I exercise every day, eat healthy, spend time with my parents and friends. But with all of this happening, I often look back and remember the damage porn and masturbation did to me. If I wasn’t addicted to porn and masturbation, I would have a much different life now. I feel the anger in my heart… I will never fall into that void again. It’s true, I have a lot of success now, I graduated from the university and am studying for a master’s degree. But I could achieve more than that… But we have to learn to be happy without looking at the past!!!


Yeah you are right brother👍
We should focus on our future not on our past!!!

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Today is my 2nd day of what I’m calling a “clean streak.” I’ve been addicted to p (without realizing it) since I was about 11 years old. It started when I was younger and googled random curiosities, my parents talked with me and I first learned the word “p***ography.” I got my own phone and from then on, PMOd about 3 times a day for years, sometimes up to 5 times. I would reach a point where I didn’t even want to, but it was such a cemented compulsion I wouldn’t stop. About a year ago I learned about NoFap, and tried to go for a week. After that, I relapsed and forgot about it for months. Only after getting in trouble with my school (THREE times!) for watching it on a loaned laptop did I finally understand the extent of my issues. I couldn’t keep myself from watching it, I would find any means necessary, break any rules, unblock any browser, download apps and make fake accounts and stay up for hours into the night just for seconds of pleasure.
For the last month or so, I’ve relapsed about 10 times, but I’m truly trying my best to fill my time with better things and resist urges for this compulsion. I refuse to give up, and I’m dedicated to quitting this addiction for good.


1 ) Albert Einstein said:

“Space and time might be an illusion.” Do you know what that means?

It means that your dreams are closer than you think :man_climbing:.

2 ) When you stare at a clock, time is moving so slowly. When you’re enjoying other things in life, 1 day is like 1 hour and 1000 days are 100 hours.

3 ) Why did the chicken cross the road?

“To get to the other side”

That’s the answer to this classical joke
But, If you ask this question to a wise man, what would he respond?:

“She crossed the road cause she wants to go somewhere different, a better place, a place worth living, worthy for sacrifice, for patience, for endurance, that place where you see true pleasure, true happiness, that place is where you feel comfortable and satisfied”

Remember why you started this journey

Remember why you want to cross the road

The road is always there, you just have to cross it.

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You have faced very extreme conditions bro!!
Be strong you will definitely defeat this addiction
BE STRONG BRO!!!:fire::fire::fire:


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