Share your experience when for the first time you had fapped

Hello guys

I would like to know when was the first time you had started fapping and what had triggered you to do so ??

This is just a discussion regarding how folks got hooked up into this sh*t that unknowingly caused many distractions and troubles


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I would like to offer a suggestion on shifting your question. Instead of asking “first fap”, consider asking things like “at what age did you start” or “how did you first come across it?”.

Even these questions that I suggested are still susceptible to a problem: talking about triggers and visiting those memories can be a trigger.

The important thing to focus on is what you touched on in the second paragraph, how to identify and avoid these “distractions and troubles”.

Anyways, those are just my thoughts.

To answer your question, the way I got into this PMO addiction was simply by looking for too long. Inappropriate images are everywhere, and when I saw them I would stare at them. Eventually that led to me searching for them.
There is no way to avoid that, so what would have helped, that I am still trying to do, is act IMMEDIATELY and look away, think of something else.


Let us be merciful with each other instead of sharing an endless misery .


Yeah sure !! That’s why we all r here. I was just trying to understand how people got addicted to this PMO shit ! And then relate to myself

Not a good discussion topic.

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