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Hey everyone, I have noticed that in the past few days some of my rewire companions have relaped . I really felt worried about them. Instead of talking about the negative effects of pmo, I felt it would be helpful if we look at things optimistically and spoke about the positive effects of nofap. This topic is for anyone who is struggling with urges. People who have done some solid streaks, please share your stories / benefits that happed to you. Please keep it as positive as possible. This thread is mainly to inspire people who are demotivated in this journey right now.

Thank you, hope y’all are doing great in this journey. Stay strong. Stay vigilant. Stay Fapfree.


Catch one benefit from me:
As soon as I went outside for a walk today, I felt alive. Everyone was staring. Children were running by and looking at me, some of them touched me I don’t know why.
Girls were passing by looking at me in shy way.
Random guys were asking where is the pharmacy.
A girl that I don’t know or don’t remember said hi.
The surrounding were so fulfilled.
These all in 40 minutes.


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


good morning fellows, i think maybe my english will be a little bad because i will use google translate and i don’t master the language 100%…

Regarding the benefits, in the first week I feel an incredible increase in willpower (I can use this to reach and fight for work and study

on the other hand, as there was a recent habit of the PMO, I feel a lot of desire, and that’s why I created other ways to release dopamine in the brain, like gym, high intensity exercises!

I would like to ask the companions, how do you react when a very strong will hits?

fight friends!!!


I don’t let them hit me. Daily efforts for nofap keep me away from urges.
And when they hit , I am stronger .


exercise. channelize that sexual energy into something useful

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