Share ur Flatline experience

I just want to know What is Flatline exactly?

Flatline as far as i knw is a period (when ur into nofap) where you feel like doing nothing. You feel depressed and sad. Lack the motivation to do things. You feel lazy. Also there will be brainfog. So to put it simply, its a period of lack of interest to do anything. I had it maybe on day 30 or 40.


You don’t have to experience flatline.

  • Many times it’s just a psychological thing people have.
  • Most people confuse sadness they get due to external media as flatline. That’s just a person being sad, not flatline.
  • Flatline by definition is just a dopamine withdrawal symptom. You can, to an extent, control it. Don’t spend the rest of your streak wondering if you will face flatline. Just ignore it, and continue to win each day. Many people cross flatline without even knowing it, if they face it at all.

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