Share How U Got Into Pmo

I started watch porn & masturbating because a dada in my society would ask every one do u see and do PM …It was crazy around i started in 8std and it been 5 y … i got to know of pmo being bad for gym .3 y back … because at that time i wanna pump up… didnt know other harmful effect … everyone says it kk…and its natural i dont think it now … i got to know of no fap community and what it is no fap and all about 6 month ago …after being on nofap struggle or 6months with 9 2 5 days streaks .I seriously decide to go for 1 month of nofap on 31 Oct … i am here infront of u…fighting for my goal on nofap nov.

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Keep marching forward… my prayers are with you.



I heard about masturbation from my school mates when I was 12. I was innocent and did not know about that and my friends giggled. Later at school I had some sexual interactions with a girl. On my 13th birthday evening, I went to the bathroom and I remembered the incident and I was stroking off my meat. I did that for 20 minutes and suddenly an intense feeling went through my nerves and instead of urinating, I saw something else coming out. I loved the feeling so much that I tried it next day. I took my dad’s phone into the bathroom, searched for some sexy pics on Google and stroked my penis. Again the same great feeling. Then it went on and on. 1 year later, my friends told me that another friend of mine brought his phone and was watching porn in the class. I was not aware of what is porn. Then the boy passed his phone and I was stunned. It was like all my fantasies came alive. I went back home and searched for porn and got some links. That was the beginning of my porn viewing. I’m 21 now and I have controlled my urges to check porn, but I masturbate to softcore YouTube videos. I was never addicted to porn sites…I just needed something to put my load out. YouTube did that for me and I found it was easier to cheat by opening one YouTube tab with educational videos and another with horny videos. I also learnt Ctrl+W, which immensely helped when someone suddenly came into my room.

Anyways I’m towards a 5 day Hard mode streak now. My life has gone downhill since I was 13 because of my masturbation addiction. I can’t maintain consistency in anything except jerking off. I am doing NoFap for bringing back my long lost self discipline.:slight_smile:


I was a shy guy, an introvert (currently working on it). I used to look at a girl and think she is way out of my league. But I always used to fantasize about her. That made me horny every time. I got addicted when I started fantasizing about the best sex a man can have with the most beautiful woman in the world. I just wanted that. To escape from reality, to get that sex life, I became addicted to it.


I was introduced to the world of sexual fantasies by a friend who described the sex scenes from titanic movie in vivid details. This happened in 8th standard. My curiosity was raised but things were still under control. It was in 10th standard, that my curiosity got the better of me and i watched my first porn film. Watching the act and the female actor expressions ignited my mind and created the hook. Later during the year, i made out with my cousin and suddenly during the act i had a great urge to pee and rushed to the restroom only to see semen. This was the “aha” moment where i realized the power of orgasm and in few days learnt the act of masturbation and self pleasure.

Bullying at school, academic pressure, poor self confidence and social anxiety, all these became the perfect recipe for porn to become a crutch and a tool to escape from reality. It gives you instant gratification, right? and at that age that was all that mattered.

I was craving for the pleasure on a daily basis and soon became addicted to it.

I was a shy studious kid in 8th standard.our school gave us a project about making a presentation about some topic. We had 10 team members in that project.some kid were studious and innocent like me back then but some were not.a kid then silently copeid a pornografic videos in my laptop .later that night i was in my room cheaking slides of the presentation when i saw that video this is where things started.
4 years from then i started making carrier as a doctor.
When i got admitted in med school i learnt a lot about how neurotrasmitters and hormones in our body react to porn and masturbation this was the time i decided to join #nofapgang

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