[shams99shyam] Ultimatum 2021 Daily Diary entries

I had destroyed my previous 7 years fapping and eventually destroyed everything . I am a porn addict and want to get rid of it. This is my journey to get rid of it. I had failed more than 800 times in previous 3 years in nofap . I WANT MY LIFE BACK.
Guys help me to get rid of this habit

Its my mission of life. i just know how it feels when you are in dark , after relapse, trying to get up again , but fail again. its the worst feeling someone can ever get … no matter how many people see this forum and take it… it’s for me and turelly addicted people like me.

i decided to take a challenge ULTIMATUM 2021

… DAY0 for now…

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Ultimatum day 0 for now