Shame of my PMO days

Today, my strike is 374 days without PMO. I never thought I could get that far.

Today I have the flu, and I’m feeling tired and sick. And I remembered that in the past, when I was addicted to PMO, even in the days that I had the flu and I was needing to rest in order to recover, I would still do PMO and drain all my body energy away.

When I remember all the dumb things that I did back in my PMO days I can only feel shame of myself.


@rewireproject this is as relatable as…am now in that condition which you were :slight_smile:


So believe me my friend, you can overcome this addiction. It is worth doing.


It must have been an amazing journey for you, brother ! There is nothing to be ashamed about. You have been exemplary in every way. You picked yourself up from that hellhole and built your future. You have my respect and gratitude, for reminding me that there is hope for someone like me.

Wishing you a good health and mental fortitude. Get well soon and continue the fight.


Thank you for your kind words my friend. The reason that I still come to this forum is to tell my experience in order to try to inspire other people who can relate to my story.

But there are still many things about my past that I’m ashamed of. Due to PMO I lost incredible opportunities during my teenage years, friendships and also an incredible girlfriend that I had. She was such a virtuous woman and I didn’t value her, because of her beliefs (and my different beliefs back then, which were based on P***). I still dream of her today.

I am trying to do things differently now, but I can never make up for the time I wasted.


I salute you bro!

I am sure many people can relate to your story…Its great that you are taking up courage to share it here for others!!

The regret of losing opportunities…I know that pain…and I guess…only thing that can compensate for it, is doing greater things and covering up for the lost time…

You have completed a year…still you feel shame…so what are you doing about it?
Even I feel shame of some actions of my past…there are nights when the memory resurface…it isn’t affecting me that much now…for I know, I have changed…still its there…and I want to overcome it…

Will it be gone as time passes?..or will it be there forever?

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Indeed, we shall build a better future and keep our bad past where it belongs, in the past.

I think we will always remember the unproud things that we did. But I must admit that the feeling of accomplishment we get by stopping is way bigger!


There is nothing to be ashamed of. And trust me, not a single moment of your life was wasted. No opportunity was lost to you. Nothing is lost from the hands of a warrior unless he decides to give it up voluntarily because he controls the outcome.
You can still make up for it. You can still find those opportunities, seek old friends and once again pursue that girl. Time is not lost to someone like you. You may think that I am giving you false hopes. That is simply not true. It is all under your control. Your command. If you seriously want it, you can achieve it.


I had to take a moment to appreciate your ability to write inspirational speeches. Congratulations!

About friends and opportunities, I’m trying to make myself more available to them.

The same goes to girls in general. But for the specific girl that I lost, it is to late. She moved on with her life, and I can only wish her the best.

What I can do is trying to find a girl with the same qualities that she used to have. But this time, I will appreciate and value them.


Hope I will reach that freedom that you are living right now. Wish you all the best

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@Delfin , you will achieve it! The most difficult part was to admit that I was addicted and the first days of urges. Then it is easier, seriously.

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Whats your age brother? I am 24, have been struggling with pmo since my teenage years. Over time it has been getting very worse. I can relate to the regret of losing many valuable things because pmo had screwed up my mind. I still cant go on long streaks.
If you have any advices please give me.

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I’m in my 20’s.

There is no secret trick or easier way. It is all up to us. We have to make a choice. I have decided where I want to be in the future, and then I realized that PMO wouldn’t lead me there. It was difficult, the first 28 days, a lot of urges. Then it gets easier and easier.

Good luck!


dude you are doing great keep going


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