Shall we start last man standing match again?

…shall we??


Why not, I’m up for it.

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Heyy bro ,don’t make any challenge taking name like last man standing challenge . Please you can create any challenge.

I am saying because those who are in l.m.s.c. if they relapsed they will come here to participate.
They will not do this seriously.
make any challenge what you want but don’t make last man standing challenge


I very much agree with this. Make a challenge with a new name.


Yes we should. But as @_TIGER said it must be with a different name. I will be definitely joining it as I wasn’t able to join the current ongoing L.M.C. 2021 because I joined this forum later.

If you’re really starting it. I would recommend you to start ASAP. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, count me in if you start, please