Shall I reset my counter or not?

This is my 26th day of noFap. I’ve been abstaining from all kinds of lust ful thoughts. Now today when I was sleeping, my mind started thinking of porn images and thoughts. I don’t know why this happened. And I had a minor relapse while sleeping. A nightfall (though this happened in day). Brain tricked me when I was off-guard. What shall I do? I I didn’t do it deliberately. It took my lot of patience and I want to see myself reach a month streak. Its very small amount of semen flow. Now I’ll be even more careful.

You can either reset or continue…its up yo you…

You dreamed about porn and had a nightfall. That doesn’t sound like a relapse to me. I used to have that quite often and I never counted it.
You’re sleeping so what could you possibly have done to prevent it?


True. I just wanted to know the rules of this forum. @Taher would you please guide me?

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As @BorisKw has already advised, you’re not responsible for what happens during your sleep. Nightfalls are not relapses.


were you concious at the time of porn images ? if not then it will be nightfall … or if you were really thinking about porn shit by yourself then it will be problematic in future to maintain nofap … but its not relapse in present … dont follow addicted sick mind’s orders … whatever mind says to you to make you do pmo … dont listen to it … dont think about shit and always remember " why started nofap ".


Hey @staybusymymotto just a simple advise. Before you post a question, try searching it in the search bar provided as there is a 99% chance it has already been asked and resolved. Go through this:- All that you need to know about a wet dream