Shaky hands- Should I see a Neurologist?

I have not masturbated in more than 130 days or so. And still I notice my hands shaking quite a lot. Are shaky hands a withdrawal symptom or should I see a doctor? Also, I am still facing a lot of mood swings and my emotions are fucking me up.

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  1. Trembling is in general a sign of emotional healing, and is not a problem (except in certain social/work situations, of course). You should allow yourself to be grounded within your body and try to consciously feel the whole range of sensations within you. Certain meditations such as body scan, body awareness and yoga nidra are especially helpful.

  2. Seeing a doctor to rule out any neurological condition is a good idea. Just be wary of someone who tries to scare you too much, and get a second opinion


Oh, and make sure you are eating well.