Sh#t happened again! I lost

Now I’m here sitting! And just sitting! Hoping one day I will quit this drug without efforts! Screw this mindset! I really don’t know where iam going again! I know I will have brain fog for atleast 2-3 days again and I need to make by any means over 15 days! After 15 days the journey would be easier! But only if I stick to my schedule! Which iam not but I need to! I recently got to gym but I don’t know I would go there again because of this whole pandemic! Oh god! Only if there is an easier way! Sh#t iam again asking for Easier way! I need to bind myself with discipline and schedule to remove the brainwashing of the made up dopamine pathways! It’s hard but i don’t wanna lose hope! If you are reading this have you any song playlist which you listen when you are free or you want some motivation and determination? If you have please share!


do not do it for the benefits bro what works for me is to do it to reach a better spiritual level if you believe in something greater than us do it for that reason bro remove the lust from your mind no fantasies and do not look at women on the street until you get to your goal to retain for profit or to exploit for lust is simple you are killing yourself for lust wasting the gift of the creator to man voting lives voting your children is very crazy if you think about it everything has consequences

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Thanks bro
Actually iam trying this but I will do it sincerely
Thanks for the suggestion though
Have a great day ahead

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