Sexting a relapse?

Hi guys is sexting considered a relapse?

We are here to get rid of pornography and masturbation. If sexting leads you to either of those, then it is a relapse, otherwise it is not.

Don’t forget, if you are still looking at nude images on your phone - it doesn’t matter if it’s your wife or your girlfriend - you are still wiring your brain to be aroused by pictures on a screen instead of a real, physical woman in front of you. It’s an unhealthy activity.


I was addicted to sexchat believe me its worse. You’re just downgrading your self esteem without knowing it. Your life you decide how you choose to use this energy. Many people masturbate without acheiving anything. Some acheive girl and do sex. Few focus on goals and acheive what they want from life. Chosen one conserve it entire life and acheive god.

I think it depends what your goal is. If you go hardmode, it definitely is a relapse.
If sex is ok for you and you do it with your partner to spice up the evening, that might be ok.
But doing it with random people or masturbating meanwhile should be considered relapse as well. Even written pornography is pornography, it gives you dopamine just like videos do and has the same negative effects

I didn’t masturbate it was just sexting