Sex via skype = relapse?

Is that relapse when i had a sex with my girlfriend via skype?

man you just can’t have sex over Skype and what you had was without the physical touch and it’s not much different from porn(no offense)


Do you think it should be a relapse? If yes it is, if no then it’s not.

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@lamborghini Haha yes pretty much. Idk why people call online activity as sex. I think it’s a little better than porn because there was a real person on the other side, but yeah it’s not sex.

It would count as an obvious relapse though since the OP masturbated.


In my opinion I don’t think it is, If you are like most people here and have more of an addiction to porn than anything then its not really that bad. I can’t point fingers at someone for wanting to have fun with their girlfriend even if its masturbating. The big difference between this and porn is that its something you’ve actually earned and its with someone who is actually doing it for you, not just putting on a show for the camera. If it doesn’t make you want to watch porn or masturbate by yourself then I really dont see the harm.