Sex part of the healing process?

If i stay absent(hardcore mode) for 6 months and then have sex for the rest 1.5 years(without masturbation or porn) will i still be healing? I’ve heard tyat after some time in no fap doing sex with a partner will help you better rewrite your brain this true?

This depends a bit on your own status and your own goals. Basically you can have whatever problem and if you cope with it in a bad manner, the coping mechanism is the symptom, not the actual problem.
For example: let’s say you experience frustration/sadness/anger or whatever and then instead of dealing with those feelings, you move to casual sex with random women or hookers. In that case you are not watching porn and not masturbating either but the way of coping with those emotions is bad too, so you are hindering your spiritual growth by doing so.
For most of us, watching porn and masturbating compulsively is a way of coping, a bad way. That’s the symptom of our problems. In most cases sex is not part of that.

So in other words, look a bit how you feel when you have sex and with that intentions you have it, whether that hinders your spiritual growth or not… eventually only you can answer this for yourself.