Sex chat addiction-please help

Guys…I became addicted to sex chat now more than Porn…I seek to find a real woman on the internet and have video chat with here till I masturbate…I spend too much hours to find one woman and still addicted to that …What Can I do guys please help!!

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Same here. I’m not interested in porn anymore.
The reason why I watched chats is because I wanted company, I wanted that someone cares about me and I wanted them to have pleasure because I was there.

But if you’re honest with yourself, they don’t care about you. They play to be interested because they want you to spend money. So, you’re sitting there for hours, hoping that she will do what you like but she will just tease so that you spend even more time with her.
They don’t care about you as a person.
What I do is to think about how i can get the real attention of other people I would like to have.
in the moments where i wanna open a cam or chat I ask myself wouldn’t it be better to instead spend time with real persons? With someone who cares about me?
Slowly but surely it helps me to get rid of this nasty thing


Yes you are so right.I began to notice that they don’t care about me actually.
Every word u have said is so right…I experienced all of that…Thank u so much…I literally became also not interested in porn and want what u have mentioned exactly.
I hope I can fight that bad addiction … cuz I feel so bad for myself

That is exactly where I ended up. The porn wasn’t cutting it anymore. I started seeking out people for messaging, sharing pics and video. It escalated out of control when my wife caught me. Now I’m fighting 2 battles. 1 with myself and my urges, and the other for my marriage. It’s a dangerous area, as the cravings for online interaction starts interfering with real interactions. You’ll withdraw into yourself as I did, and just end up hurting the ones who do care for you.

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1.Delete The Sources which you use to do sex-chat.

2.Replace it with something else.


4.Delete Social Media, It is major way which leads to porn or masterbute.

5.Don’t stay alone as much as possible.

6.Spend your time doing something other than sex-chat and masterbute.