Seriously question about relapsing side effects

Guys am new to this kind of thing. I have a question. If you get actually laid by a girl of your choosing like on a date. Dose that count as a relapse. Or is it just no self masterbation and no porn. Am I going to loose my energy, concentration and motivation, if I get lucky on a real date, with a real girl?

Using your energy to have sex does not count as a relapse, because as opposed to Porn, where you watch other people doing it but you get that dopamine is harmful. It’s better to do the Act yourself and get the dopamine


No, of course not. This is what you are aiming to replace PMO with. This is how it should be. This is normal and healthy. Not just the sexual intercourse, but the intimacy before and after.


Losing sperm by your own hand is unproductive and it is wastage of energy, decreasing your ability to remember things and overall weakened yourself and decreasing your ability to find a girlfriend.

Losing sperm by sex is kind of different becouse you have that girlfriend actually, you don’t want to looking for another one so the weakening yourself by losing sperm is not so harmful to you but still if you will be doing a lot of sex with your girlfriend you will be kind of mentally weaker than you won’t be doing it at all.

But in a relationship it is normal and a part of relationship that both people have sex together. The most important is not to doing it by your own hand and watching porn.

When you will be have a girlfriend its kind of easier to live without porn and masturbation.

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