Serious Accountability Partner needed!

Hi All. I have fallen really down these days. The past month has been terrible. I have fapped a lot admittedly. I just fapped twice today. This is coming from someone who once had a 145 day streak and has had multiple 30-60 day streaks. But the past few months have been really bad. I feel like I have lost control even though I have built a lot of strategies along the way. Staying at home during Corona does not help. But I don’t want to be doing this shitty thng again. I want to be free once and forever. I have realized that holding an accountability in a serious way is what I have never tried till now. I once did it with a friend but he was kind of not aware of how damaging it was to me and did not take it that seriously. He was supportive thought but did think I was overreacting. I am not. I have been through the withdrawals, the urges, the highs and lows and I know it is a real addiction I am dealing with. I need a serious accountability partner who is willing to go atleast 1 year on a NoFap journey with me. No bullshit now. I am fucking 26. I better change my life now. Contact me if you are willing to be a total beast and help me in being the same. I won’t stop till I get total control over my sexual urges no matter how many times I fail.


Challenge accepted lets get straight to Beast. Fully prepared

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Yes, i’m in.
Challenge accepted, you are not alone my friend, i am also addicted.
Let’s start from beginning…
From this moment of time.

I can join you for a challenge of 180 days bro. Everyday I can text you and stay with you-Support and motivate. I believe I can be a pillar on which you can go up. Iam also extremely motivated to get out of this shit. But not for one year. For 180 days, I promise I can stay with you. Texting you everyday, supportively. If interested contact me bro. My sharing code-tn1ii4

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My sharing code : e3muhl

Challenge accepted. My sharing code is kcrh3o

Hey brother, u hv got this.
Try to control them urges, you are much more than your compulsive mindset.
I also struggled in past a lot but now my streak is steady and feeling really good.

Bro you are everywhere

Bro, these commitments and companions are the best thing for beating this addiction, I believe. Together we can achieve anything.