Sergeant's Path to Freedom and a Good Life (22 m)

Finally the time has come, to end all the drama and to become free.
This will be my daily routine. Discipline is the golden gateway to success

:beginner: Wake up 5 am
:beginner: Meditation (10 mins)
:beginner: Yoga
:beginner: Home Workout
:beginner: Pray
:beginner: Mindful living

As days passes I will update with more helpful practices for daily routine.


Day I

:x: Wake up at 5
:x: Meditation
:white_check_mark: Yoga
:x: Pray
:x: Mindful living

Tomorrow I will get back on track. Focusing on goals and passion is the right way but whenever I try to sit down to work some discomfort, some negative feelings will appear and due to lack of urgency I will procrastinate and will waste time.

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Day 3

:x: Wake up at 5
:white_check_mark: Meditation (5 minutes)
:x: Yoga
:x: Gratitude journal

Went through many journals here and @Tagore @_TIGER 's routine felt like word class. I learnt a lot from each of their diaries respectively. Will be adding some of their activities into mine as well. Both of them are legends. Real respect :pray:

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