Serching for a beginner companion

Sharing code - p0vdeh
Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - current (maybe higher sometimes but i didnt count it)
Age - 16
Gender - M
Location - GER

I am searching for a companion manly to report our personal experience to each other. Therefore I would prefer a beginner, that has not had any companions before or at least less companions. Still everyone is welcome in general, but the mutual understanding and communication may be bigger between two beginners :wink:


Oh boy …16…!!! , I mean it’s fantastic that you had figured it out so early, if I remember, I was beating my meat to death at this age😅. Glad you’re fighting this at an early age. Wish you luck for the future.


One question for the experienced members in the community: if someone followed me and he has not yet answered my request, can i write messages to him?
And can i message someone who follows me that i am following too?

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Hey! I’m 16 as well and looking for another beginners companion :slight_smile: Do you know how to message privately? My code is 0g11yq


Ok i look for a companion too. And am relatively a beginner as well.
Add me if you want:
Sharing code - hrv0px


Hey guys to send private message to
1)just tap the name or the profile picture of the person you want to send the message, in any of its post.Like you can click on my name here.

  1. then a box appears. Click on message, type your message and send it this message is completely private.
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EDIT: Thank you kingxvi, now it works out
I guess i had to reach the “anwärter” stage

Hi include me please im your journey

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@cannibalfeel free to send me your companion code and ill add you :slight_smile:

Let’s do it . Count me in my dude

Edit: Add me kdc1na

Hey guys my sharing code

What’s yours sharing code

Where i would find my companion code

Go to companions and then click the three point button

I need a companion to

Feel free to add me via my sharing code named above

2nc3sp sharing code.,add me if you need

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jh3crf this is my code. Anyone want to join follow me.

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