September success


Its an interesting word. Split up the word in 3 words

Sep: as in Separate yourself from this addiction.

Tem: as in this addiction, the urges are Temporarily.

Ber: as in beryl. Beryl is like a gemstone.

We are all gemstones.

This is a gemstone challenge.

It is simple.

Challenge begins September 1st 5am EST. I will put a post out for begin.


  1. There are levels of gems to achieve.

We all begin at a gate. There is a gemstone called AGATE. Agate is level 1.

Level 2: Turquoise

Level 3: Opal

Level 4: Sapphire

Level 5: Emerald

Level 6: Ruby

Level 7: Diamond

Level 8: 10 carat Diamond

Level 9: 50 carat Diamond

Level 10: 100 carat Diamond and the winner stage.

With 30 days in the month of September each level is 3 days long.

So day 1 is Agate

Day 4 is level 2

Day 7 is level 3

Day 10 is level 4

Day 13 is level 5

Day 16 is level 6

Day 19 is level 7

Day 22 is level 8

Day 25 level 9

Day 28 level 10

Day 30 completes the challenge.

  1. Relapses

Watching any type of porn: video and images

Masterbation: keep your hands off yourself except for cleaning and emptying the bladder.

Since porn is worse, you will drop a whole level for viewing.

Masterbation: you go to the beginning of your current level.

So if you are on level 4 day 2 and watch porn, you go back to level 3 day 2.

If just Masterbation and Orgasm and at level 4 day 2, you go back to level 4 day 1.

If you do full PMO and you are at level 4 day 2, you go back to level 3 day 1.

Any questions?


@newman2022, after you have asked, you have been included.

@anon73192546, @Surbatingsi, and @Amitroghates, i see you like the idea. Do you 3 want to join?


Do I have to check in daily ?

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Add me brother
All the best for September

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Yes I want to join



Daily check in is a good idea.

Regardless of whatever your Real Streak is,

You will focus on your challenge streak.

So in your daily check in include:

The date

Your gem level

And day 1 or day 2 or day 3.

Remember each level only goes to day 3. If you get to a day 4, then your day 4 is the next level day 1.


Contestants so far





4 in total.

If anyone else want to join, you have until September 1st 4 a.m.


4 more days before this September Success challenge begins.

Any more people want to join and become the best gem that they can be?

Reply to this thread.





You guys want to join?


Add me too @Vortexkicker
Admin, better see you at the last gate :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2:

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Welcome to the challenge you are in.

There are now 6 challengers and myself. 7 in total.

And Purity, i look forward to seeing everyone at the final gate as the 100 carat diamonds.

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I am interested, please add me @Vortexkicker
Sharing code: icnkli



You are in. You are the 8th challenger.

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Add me brother. I am @jhapalidon . Lets do it

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Bro can u add me to the challenge?

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Welcome brothers.

You have joined

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Sharing Code : my3l2h

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Add me i am ready to take on this challenge

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Hello! Iā€™m in
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