September nofap war, enlist today!

Link to September’s Daily check in group.There is a little difference in the group style, its Army style!! So if you are ready for to fight, ENLIST NOW :-

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6 people already Enlisted, where are you?

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10 more have Enlisted by now. The Nofap army looks strong. Are you strong too? if yes, then Enlist now!!

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Everyday, a question will be asked and you have to answer it that will be considered as a check in by you. Maximum check ins will give you different kinds of ranks:-

General :medal_military::medal_military::medal_military::- 30 day check ins

Colonel​:medal_military::medal_military: :- 25 day check ins

Major🎖:- 21 day check ins

Captain​:medal_sports::medal_sports::- 15 day check ins

Lieutenant🏅 :- 10 days check ins

Junior Enlisted Private:- less than 10 days


Till now 25 brave heart have Enlisted, if you want the medal of Honor too, join now!!

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