Separate tracking for P, M and O

I am currently refraining from porn and masturbation. Occasionally I will slip and watch porn but not masturbate and I also have a sexual relationship with my fiance. I would love to track every time I orgasm with said fiance and track when I watch porn… (or even masturbate without porn or orgasm.) To see this on a graph with separate lines would be great for data and learning patterns. One example is how I slip and watch porn after I have sex. To see that in a chart would put things into perspective and further define my goals. Is there or will there be a way to mark a “relapse” for porn, masturbation or orgasm separately?

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That would require significant change in database. Maybe down the road I can implement this. But for now there are no plans.


Good idea!
Maybe also a counter for edging.

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I made a spreadsheet that basically does this, let me know if you want it.