Sentences to say to ourselves when urges come

I suggest to write in this topic sentences to say to ourselves when urges come.
Me first:
“I renunciate to the pleasure of porn and masturbation”.
It is a conscious renouncement, assuming all I may win and lose.


I wanna say to Urges, " Go fuck yourself but dont fuck me, i am your master bitch , you shall dance around me but you cant Raise my dick. If my dick goes hard, no worry i shall not touch it and after 5 minutes you shall go away because i have beaten you. I am a Winner bitch, go away. I am owner of my dick and body. I shall control it not you. So go away and look for some other weak soul because i am master of my body."

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What helps when I meditate through it, is to say “Feel the urge, and allow it to be” then the pressure is off and the urge slowly disappears.


What helped me before and still useful today is “just overcome this/survive this for today, forget about tomorrow or any goal you have set” Then i say it again the next day.


Dont let your own dick fuck you


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