Senses, Addiction, death and Realisation

Hi Peers :raised_hands:

Wishing you all a very nice and bright day :pray::innocent:.

I take up to this space of confession today to admit that mind is so unpredictable. It has become more of a monkey mind. If not kept under strict control it will be fatal " what would happen if a child touches a live wire"? You get the point :point_right: :joy:

Keeping the mind and the hand in control/sync ( for the good only) is a biggest achievement for some of us here including me. That said, itโ€™s not easy to be honest. My journey of NoFap has started since 2012 and I have not yet achieved my 12 years goal, which is my dream that I wish to change into a reality. The longest streak I have had is for 31 days I have until this day not crossed the mark of 31 days.

Itโ€™s very easy to preach and give an advice to others until I realised how difficult it is for me to first apply it thoroughly into my life achieve it and preach it. Oh wow am sure what a confidence will radiate from such a person. Each word will be carrying fire and fulfillment. Energy, success, confidence and self worth. None can steal these qualities achieved. Agreed??

So again I started and have not given up. Today 17.06.2022 I am at day #2 of my streak and I wish this goes on until I reach my goal of the 12 years. Also there is a saying " If you are in Hell, you donโ€™t have to pause you have to keep moving" so NoFap is definitely a sort of hell, mental hell with the fire of lust, addictions, Maya, illusions, jealousy, hate, crime etc.

  1. Be clear what you want to achieve, goal setting.
  2. Stick to it, even if you loose in the worldโ€™s eye, because you know ur goal and each day makes you strong.
  3. Donโ€™t loose your seed at any cost, through sex, masturbation etc.
  4. FOLLOW :point_up_2:with strict Discipline.

You guyโ€™s shall see my streak turning from Amber to Green soon and never shall it go back to Amber again.

I wish all my breathern goodluck as I know we all are fighting a battle in our life that we donโ€™t know, respect to all and much power and motivation. :facepunch::love_you_gesture:

If ya have any questions please drop in a message and I shall respond.

Cheers and stay safe & blessed!


I am too here to follow nofap for 12 years and experience what I am capable of.
Long ago when people used to get marvelous results after 12 years of struggle people can too do it now. With daily motivation and a companion I would pursue this path alongside everyone who is ready to go through hell to become priceless gems.

This post was worth it๐Ÿ™Œ

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Am glad you took the time to read the message (confession I made).

Hope we become and example to the rest of our brothers and folks who really need to quit these addictions.

Keep in touch :raised_hands:

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Always there๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿป

Itโ€™s amazing reading it because I felt the same way.

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